Hoi zämme, welcome to Swissed English!


This blog is a collection of my experiences as an English teacher in Switzerland learning German and Swiss German, along with my musings on language and culture in general.


In 2016, I left Malta, the tiny island I called home, and moved to Switzerland. The language spoken throughout the German speaking part of Switzerland is Swiss German, which is a bit different from the German I was previously exposed to. Its various dialects are a delightful source of entertainment and confusion. Being a primarily spoken language, Swiss German has no written rules, making it even more of a challenge for foreigners.


Now, after years of almost complete immersion, I still have a long way to go. Becoming a student has taught me a lot about teaching. Learning a language is no easy task – now I really know what English language learners go through! This blog is my learning journal, a chronicle of all I see, hear, read and say, including all that helps me learn as well as all the mistakes and challenges that hold me back.


I am a firm believer in the constructive, positive power of mistakes and our innate ability to learn from them with the right attitude and mindset. Mistakes Swiss speakers make when speaking English, which I have termed Swisstakes, will be discussed and clarified in order to help learners of English polish their skills, but they will also serve as tips for anyone interested in learning German and Swiss German, since the source of most mistakes can be traced back to translation.


I hope you find my posts entertaining and helpful. I’d love to hear from you should you have any feedback or questions. Don’t hesitate to get in touch!