Expand your vocabulary – Phrasal verbs with run

Here’s another collection of phrasal verbs, this time using the verb run. If you’ve missed the last post on phrasal verbs with look, check it out here.

Run over someone (or something)

We almost ran over a cat last night.
Synonym: hit

Run someone/something down

Stop running yourself down!
Synonyms: criticize, denigrate, belittle, bad-mouth, disparage

Run into someone

She ran into an old classmate on her way to the airport.
Synonyms: bump into, meet, encounter, come across/upon, run across

Run something by someone

1 – Can I run a couple of ideas by you? – to get someone’s opinion or to make sure they approve or understand
2 – Could you run that by me again? – (spoken) to ask someone to repeat what they’ve just said

Do you know any other phrasal verbs with run? Leave a comment below!


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