When should we use say or tell? We need to keep a couple of rules in mind when deciding whether to use say or tell. Let's have a look at some examples...

In Swiss German, the verb schmecken is used for both smell and taste in English. This is why some Swiss speakers only use one of these two verbs. But in English, they don't mean the same thing. So when should I use smell, and when should I use taste?

A lot of students ask me which English test they should sit for, but the answer isn't really straightforward. Since there are quite a few tests to choose from, it's always better to know what you're in for and what your certificate will be worth in the end. This post will help you figure out which test to sit for, depending on what you wish to achieve with your result. Do you need it for work or university, for visa purposes or simply to figure out where you stand and how much you've improved? Read on to find out which test would suit your needs, and how you can prepare yourself better beforehand.

Here's a post on one of my own speaking mistakes, for a change. When I first moved to Switzerland, I avoided speaking in German or Swiss German like the plague, even though I desperately wanted to learn. I always told myself I'd start speaking once my level was higher - a mistake everyone makes when learning a new language.